Saturday, July 14, 2007


Lily has added two new words to her vocabulary. "Bubba" and "Whee." She found a bottle of bubbles outside yesterday and insisted that I blow bubbles for her. As soon as she saw the bubbles she started saying, "Whee!" I'm also pretty convinced that she said "boppa" when she saw grandpa today, but she refused to say it again when Ray was inside.

See here for why I don't have any pictures to show you. I took darn cute picture of Lily in her farmer overalls yesterday and more today, chasing after bubbles.


Anonymous said...

I read the comment on my blog about scraps of wood, patches, etc. You married a packrat. Shussshhh though, becasue I don't think he know's he's a packrat. He hides it with the motto "always prepared". He even packrats cliches.... I being overly harsh, but I did live with him and know his tendencies. :)

atom said...

I have an idea
35 mm baby
screw techno crap