Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Poop Everywhere

WARNING** This may be too much information for some people. If so, look at the cute picture of Lily with Grandpa and move on.

For those of you still with me it was a morning to remember. It started out much like any other day. Addie still hasn't pooped, so we moved on to slightly more advanced maneuvers. I gave Addie her peanut butter with mineral oil mixed in and a bagel to dunk, a cup of yogurt with mineral oil and some juice. I convinced her that Dr. Shar told me Addie should have some cream on her butt to make it feel better. While Addie "assumed the position," I inserted a suppository. Not as traumatic as Dr. Shar had lead me to believe it would be. It should take about 15 minutes or so to soften up whatever is blocking the plumbing.

But then.... the trauma started. Addie started crying and moaning and whining for Daddy. Daddy was outside working on the siding. Daddy had to come in to periodically comfort Addie. Finally (55 minutes later) I had to get ready for work so I asked Addie if she would like to come take a bath. Normally she loves taking a bath. Not. Today. She screamed; she cried. She ran from the bathroom screaming (nakey) and slammed the door shut. While I was in the shower I hear her start screaming again, "I poop, I poop." So I opened the bathroom door and she raced to the potty. Yes, she did poop, all over the hallway. Of course I had to calm her down because she was traumatized by pooping on the hall floor. The poor kid felt so bad about it.

Honestly, I have no idea how that kid didn't block up the toilet. We must have fantastic plumbing! She was on the potty, she'd say she was done; two seconds later she was back on again. I'd just clean out the potty and she'd be back on again. Not to mention the mess on the floor! Mineral oil is bad. Very bad. Like eating too much Olestra as Adam would say.

Meanwhile, downstairs Lily got into the peanut butter laced with mineral oil. There was peanut butter all over the floor, over the rocking horse, all over her. So what do I do? I take both kids to daycare and let the teachers deal with the aftermath. Momma needs a drink!

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