Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Em!

I am such a procrastinator! I have been thinking about blogging Addie's recent haircut since Friday night (8 hours before the hair was actually cut). I took the camera with us to the hair stylist, took several pictures, and.... nothing. Not a darn blog written. Maybe it's because I wasn't sure if I liked it yet. Maybe it's because I am absolutely positively exhaused. So exhausted I fell asleep on the couch last night (something I only seem to do while pregnant or staying up until 2 am watching a bad movie - neither of which I am/did.) Seriously exhausted.

Ok, shake it off. Drink some coffee, eat some yummy homemade apple pie. Ok.

So here's the story. On Friday night I gave Addie a bath. After the bath it took over 30 minutes for me to brush her hair. 30 minutes of kicking, screaming and hitting. If I had 2 more hands I would have been able to do it. Since it isn't very common for 2 more hands to be lurking around my house, I completely lost my temper. Addie was yelling at me, I was yelling at her, and Lily was scared of both of us. Early the next morning I called the stylist and got an appointment. I told them we'd be cutting 7-10 inches off and donating it to Locks of Love. I went to the Locks of Love website and printed off their donation form. By the time our appointment had rolled around I realized that cutting off 10 inches would leave her with a boys haircut. Cute, but super short. I wasn't sure I could do that to her.

So we compromised. It's a shoulder length bob. Addie still doesn't want me touching it, but at least it combs more easily. It looks much less wild. It's still long enough that we can pull it back from her face and put it in pigtails. It's really pretty cute. (Especially in the Elmo hair pretties she got for Valentine's Day.)

Now if I can just stop feeling guilty for loosing my temper with her.

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Anonymous said...

But where is the dang picture!!! I've been waiting all day and all I get is a story about the hair!