Monday, February 19, 2007


For all of you clamoring for pictures (that makes it sound like more than 2 people actually read my blog) here is proof that we did actually have snow at one point this winter. Addie doesn't actually look all that thrilled about it. It could be because Adam put her in a snowsuit that's too small and in Lily's mittens!

Snow is one of her favorite things though. Eating fresh snow is right up there in her book with picking apples. Sledding on the other hand is a little scary. She's not quite ready to be a speed demon!


mass of fans, speaking as one said...

yea! pictures!

Anonymous said...

Mama doesn't buy Addie snowsuits that fit cause she's got a newer baby to spoil....


Anonymous said...

I STILL can't see the new haircut! Am I really going to have to wait until the weekend? And seeing as I'm one of the two people who read the blog I could at least get a hello once and awhile...I'm tired of hearing about Emily!

Lily and Addie said...

Yo Yo
dis is a shout out to all my hommies in Cell block B!
whats up bitches!
and to all the Auntie Reanies!
Represent! We love ya and see you this weekend!!!!

Anonymous said...

See, that's much better! I don't think I ask all that much!