Monday, January 08, 2007

Little Lily

So poor little Lily is in the 15% for weight. She's such a little peanut! There's nothing to worry about I guess, she's just little. The funny thing is that she's in the 64% for height, so maybe that will carry through to adulthood. Developmentally she's right on track.

Yesterday Lily climbed all the way up the stairs. Now she's been climbing the first few steps by herself for awhile (maybe a month). But this was the first time I let her climb all the way to the top. I'm not sure what she was trying to get to, but boy was she determined. Lily just had this grin on her face like, "no one's going to stop me now!" I can just see she's determined to be a big kid like her older sister.

Lily has also started to copy us. If I say "mmm..." when I'm eating, she'll make the same noise. Lily also has started to copy us dancing. Little head waggles here and there, maybe a booty shake, but it's definitely a dance. It blows me away that she's capable of doing so much. I know she's much more aware of what's going on than we give her credit for. She's going to be such an entertaining toddler!

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Darla said...

HEEEEYYYY! I to was usually in the bottom percentile for weight, and I turned out just fine...FINE I tell you!!!

From henceforth she shall been known as stringbean throughout the land...