Sunday, September 21, 2008


"Momma, I want to be a Rock Star. And a teacher, a mouse detective, ballerina, and a Barbie!"
And she's going to bring her Pokey Little Puppy with her all the time. Somehow, I think Addie just might do it.

School is going really well so far. We solved the breakfast dillemna. Addie wasn't hungry in the morning before going to school and food is not allowed on the school bus. I emailed her teacher and we decided to have Addie get breakfast at school every morning. The school district provides a (mostly) hot breakfast every morning free. Addie loves everything they've served so far, I think she really likes picking out what she gets to eat from the line. So far the other big hits of being in 4 Year Old Kindergarten seem to be that there are numbers on the wall and that they sometimes get to play Freeze Dance.

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Dana said...

Do I dare ask whose closet she raided to find that hat?