Sunday, September 07, 2008

Random Sunday

Tip: Oxi Clean and lots of elbow grease gets crayon off of wallpaper.

The Story: I was trying to impress upon my children the importance of Mommy being able to have a little privacy at some point in the day. After having slept in Lily's room for most of the night, then spending parts of the wee hours in Addie's room, I was pretty wiped out. I just needed to use the bathroom alone, without an audience. Both children took offense at this and proceded to throw temper tantrums. Addie got put in a time out in her room over this one as she was screaming red-faced and shaking her finger at me. Sorry kiddo, we don't talk to Momma that way. Somehow I managed to move Lily outside the room and have 3 seconds to myself. In that amount of time Lily took a red crayon and was creating a masterpiece on the wall in the hallway. Addie of course ratted her out and I was able to get there before it became an entire mural. Each child and I got a damp washcloth and started scrubbing the crayon off. No pictures, I was too annoyed to think of getting the camera. The Oxi Clean really saved the day... it made clean up a little bit easier. It still took a lot of elbow grease, but at least I wasn't smearing the crayon around once I used it.

I just discovered Living Crafts magazine at our Whole Foods Co-op. This issue is all about wool. There's some knitting but there's also wool felting (which anyone can do right off the bat - without special tools) and some neat projects with felt. I might try to make some felt crowns for Christmas for all the kids. Hand sewing is not my specialty, but these are so cute they are very tempting. It looks like everything in the magazine can be made by beginners or children of varying ages. In the issue I have, there are felted hedgehogs and a felted pumpkin that would be easy for the girls to help me with.


ChupieandJ'smama said...

Glad that crayon came off!! Thanks for the Oxi Clean tip. I'm sure I'll need it at some point :)

Syren said...

Did you ever check out for the cute felted hair pretties I told you about?