Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Darla & Co.

We had a great time with Darla and Thomas at the cabin this last weekend. It was good to get away and just have time to hang out. In fact, Grandma and Grandpa even took the girls so that I could theoretically sleep in for my birthday! The weather was crummy but the kids didn't seem to mind.
As usual, the cake and the present wrapping/unwrapping were the biggest hits with the girls. The girls around presents makes sharks in a feeding frenzy look calm and in control. In fact, at one point, the wrapping paper was flying so fast that I thought Adam had given yarn to Darla for her birthday. Um, no. That was to me from Darla. :) That makes a lot more sense!

The only downside to the weekend was that I got sick. There's something nasty going around. I've been running a fever for 5 days and have a cough that just won't quit and a tight chest. It's miserable being sick when you're supposed to be having fun. Last night Lily snuggled up in my lap and said, "you sick Momma?" Yes, honey, I'm sick. A couple of minutes later she said, "You still sick Momma?" Yes, I'm still sick. "Daddy fix you. Daddy is de best Daddy in the whole world and he can fix anyting. Daddy fix you so you no sick." What a sweetie she is!

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daddy said...

a child wise beyond her years
I can fix almost everything, except spelling