Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Swim Lessons

It's our second week of swim lessons and so far they have been a BIG-HUGE-Wonderful Hit! Addie loves swimming with her friend Eric. She does a great job floating and seems to have absolutely no fears whatsoever. It's hillarious to watch her sitting on the side of the pool waiting for her turn. She chats with Eric, she chats with her teacher, she chats with the lifeguard that is closest to her, she splashes her feet. I'm just waiting for the day that the ants in her pants get to her and she just bloops right into the water. Good thing they have pfds on!

Last week at open swim after her lessons, Addie started jumping into the water in the deep end by holding onto my hands. By the end of the 45 min open swim, she was jumping in and letting me catch her! She didn't even mind if her head went under water. She was having a blast!!

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