Monday, June 09, 2008

Dear Anonymous, (& Weekly Food Plan)

Dear Anonymous,

I hope that you are not complaining about having a free night to yourself last week where you were able to eat anything you wanted without your wife worrying about your youngest child not being able to eat the pizza rolls that everyone else is chowing down on. If memory serves, this is the night that you were also able to watch whatever you wanted on television and not have to do a single thing (like pick up toys or even do your own dishes). This is the night that you were able to eat your favorite food (pizza rolls) and drink beer and basically just be alone. Because, if you were to be so foolish as to complain about a free night without wife or children at home, you may find yourself cooking dinner for your lovely family every night. SO BACK OFF BUDDY!


Your Loving Wife

Now, on to our food plan for this week.

Monday- Steak sandwiches and leftover potatoes, guac salad & veggies
Tuesday- Pork & Potato Stroganoff
Wednesday- Minestroni Pasta
Thursday- Fish
Friday- Chicken Salad
Saturday- Mom and Dad's house for Father's Day
Sunday - Father's Day Grilling


Anonymous' long suffering wife said...

Hey! Anonymous lives at your house too? Wow! He really likes to travel. This weekend, Anonymous volunteered to help pick up, but only started the projects so I could finish them. Anonymous is generous that way.... Also, Anonymous likes to complain that I need to eat healthier, but Anonymous says this while mowing down an entire pizza.

Almost perfect said...

Seriously, the "mom" in question is a real nasty one....high school dropout, drug use, alcohol. She ditches the kid with whoever is convienent. Lives with her single mom in a trailer park. Andrew went to school with her. bottom line: total loser. In my opinion, mot a true mom, and actually, the behavior she was exhibiting was borderline abuse. She jerked the little guy by his arm, half lifted him and proceeded to smack the snot out of him. I'll take my karmic chances... :)

Dana said...

I think it's time for all the anonymouses out there to take the kids for an evening playdate, so that the wives can each enjoy a quiet evening at home eating and drinking what they like while watching a television show of their choice - one that doesn't involve animated sponge characters.
Oh wait... what kind of lasting trauma could such evening cause impressionable young children?