Thursday, June 12, 2008

Duck, Duck, Goose!

We taught the kids to play Duck, Duck, Goose this week. It was pret' near hillarious as my Grandpa would say. Addie got the rules right away and always wanted to be picked. It made me think of playing this game at a birthday party on our front lawn. I remember almost dancing bouncing up and down on my butt because I wanted to be picked so badly. The anticipation of Duck Duck Goose was enough to give a 5 year old a stroke! Lily on the other hand, didn't really understand the rules at all. Every time Addie got up to run, Lily would too. We laughed, we cheated (Adam has longer arms and it's not fair!), and we generally just had a really good time.

We had a big discussion over whether it was Goose or Gray Duck. Western Wisconsin prevailed over the Twin Cities! What's your preference & when's the last time you played?


Marian Librarian said...

"Duck Duck Gray Duck" doesn't really flow....EVERYONE knows it's "Duck Duck...GOOSE!"
And for the record we palyed this at storytime on Tuesday morning because the little boys were restless.

Mr Mallard said...

to be fair, its not just "duck duck grey duck", every duck gets a color. blue duck, red duck, burble duck, GREY DUCK!
it allows for a little more creative thought, but thats not really Wisconsin's way, is it?

Marian said...

Dear Mr. Mallard

So, if one were in Alaska, would it be "Duck Duck Moose"? Just curious.
Also, I would have to say that the gray duck was "a little funny lookin'" "Ya, fer sure...a little funny lookin'"