Wednesday, May 14, 2008

There's a Huge Hole in My House

See that hole in the roof? It's directly above the ladder. It's a huge gaping hole that leads right into Addie's bedroom. From Addie's bedroom there is a hole in the floor that goes right into the kitchen and probably by the time I get home it will go all the way into the basement. It's a big hole. A really big hole the size of a small closet.

What scares me is that the guys who are doing it (very competent people I am sure) say they may accidentally take out part of the living room wall when they are taking the chimney out of the kitchen. That's a lot of repair work that has to be done. Please please cross your fingers that it doesn't rain before the roof gets patched today. Please pray that one of my children doesn't decide to "slide" down the hole.

Here's the vacuum hose that is sucking up all the dust and small debris.

And the vacuum truck. See those big vacuum bags on top? Pretty cool. Those bags are huge!

This is all very stressful. Not to mention the lack of water at my house. That may have to be explained another day. Oh yeah, and the fact that my dishwasher isn't draining so I can't use that (even if we did have water).

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ChupieandJ'smama said...

OH NO! Keeping my fingers crossed that all turns out well!!