Thursday, May 29, 2008

As Promised...

This is Lily the first day in the hospital. They had already put in her IV (that's why her hand is wrapped) and had given her some pain medicine. I think by this point we knew she had swallowed a pin, but I thought it was a bobby pin.

Lily loved playing in the "Toy Room." It was just across the hall from us and much brighter and more cheerful than our room. The highlight was this little wooden fort. Lily loved just climbing up and down the stairs. We ate several meals (or tried to entice Lily to eat several meals) here because it was more fun than our room. This is after her appendectomy - her IV was put into her foot since she had pulled it out of her hand the night before.

Our favorite LPN Sue was taking Lily's vitals. We really liked Sue, she was with us for several days and one night. The peds floor did everything they could to keep our nurses the same from day to day. This really helped Lily feel at home.

We're home! The bright spot of the hospital stay was all the balloons people sent Lily. At one point, holding a balloon was the only way Lily smiled. She even napped while holding her balloon on Friday. The poor kid walked the halls visiting the nurses and showing off her balloons. The balloons were better medicine for her than anything else!

Thanks to everyone who visited us and sent us messages!


Dana said...

So glad to see her well and happy!
Could this be the next project for the Optimists? Random deliveries of helium balloons?

Jess P. said...

Ohhh good idea! I've already decided I'm bringing more "blankies" to this floor. The nurses were all so wonderful!