Thursday, November 08, 2007

Trick or Treat!

Trick or Treat!
We had two little ballerinas at our house for Halloween. Addie was a pink ballerina and Lily was a purple ballerina - it's a small yet important distinction. Just ask Addie.

Actually, Lily was a Fighting Illini cheerleader for daycare (thanks Uncle Jim & Aunt Judy!!), but had to change into a different outfit when she got home. I almost put her into the bumblebee costume because it was so cold, but then we decided to have Adam and Addie go trick or treating and Lily and I stayed home to watch the door & give out candy.

The biggest excitement for Addie was not the trick or treating, it was that the Kirchoff's came to our house and asked for candy. She was excited to see her big friends all dressed up! Addie believes that the song, Stacie's Mom Has Got It Going On, was written for the Kirchoff's. You can understand her excitement to have such a famous family come to our house.

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Syren said...

FINALLY! I love it!