Monday, November 19, 2007

1st Haircut

I got my first haircut on November 15 (that was last Thursday, Momma's not good about updating everyone.) I don't think I really needed a haircut, but Momma seemed to think so. I got to sit in this very high chair with an extra high cushion on it just for me.

Then, this crazy lady started spraying my head with water. Yuck, that was almost worse than Momma dumping water on my head in the bathtub! It was very traumatic. At least the lady listened to Momma and only took a little off the back. She removed what Momma calls my "ducktail." I happened to like being a duck. I don't know why they would remove that.

After all the trauma, I at least got some Skittles. I do love my "Lily M&M's." I can't believe Momma forgot to get a lock of my hair for my scrapbook. She's talking about clipping a piece of my bangs just so she has something to save. I say, Stay away from me crazy lady!


Darla said...

I cannot believe Lily is getting so big! I think it's time for another! I heard she was starting to go on the potty. She looks so grwon up in the pictures...Almost 2already....jeesh. I cannot picture Thomas ever being that big...he's always going to be my "little peanut".

Syren said...

Lily! You are such a big girl...definetly not a baby anymore! I can't wait to see your new haircut!
Auntie Syren

old fashioned said...

poor thing, i pitty you. dont ever let them cut it again!

Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

My 5 year old boy is still traumatized every time we cut his hair! My two year old doesn't have enough hair to even cut yet; I think the baby will get a haircut before he does! :)

These are great pictures you took, though. You can just see the emotions of the day. At least the good part about girls is that they can have long hair and the cuts don't have to come too often! :)