Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sailing the High Sea

Adam, Addie and I went out with Boppa Argh (Grandpa Poskozim) yesterday on Grandpa's boat. We left Barker's Island and tooled out into the St Louis River. We got almost to the Oliver Bridge before turning around - about an hour's ride. Addie had just started getting cranky when we turned around. Up until this point she loved going fast and having the wind in her hair.

We had just turned around and were headed back when we started to smell something... was it the construction along the banks of the river? No, it smelled a little too hot for that... it was the engine! The temperature started climbing. Ray decided we should try to make it for the Arrowhead pier just a little ways away. Unfortunately, that's when the engine died. So, Adam and Ray started paddling. Ray's paddle broke and almost sent him into the drink! Meanwhile I'm calling Amy Kirchoff who's watching Lily and telling her what happened and that she may need to take a hungry Lily to church with her if we don't get back in time! Not to mention keeping a slightly cranky and very tired Addie busy. Adam called the dispach and had them get in touch with Chris Kirchoff who was the sargeant on duty.

At this point Ray and Adam decided to drop anchor because they weren't making much progress again the wind and current. After about a half hour Chris Kirchoff and John Newicki came to our rescue using the police rescue boat. It was so cool to see them come screaming up on us. Not quite lights and sirens, but close. (Pictures coming) Anyway, we tied up to the police boat and were pulled into shore. Yahoo for the SPD!!


daddy said...

cant wait to see the pictures!
thank goodness for the Superior Police. Those brave men and women really desirve our praise and a steep pay raise.

Jess Poskozim said...

Definitely a pay raise!