Monday, August 28, 2006


Lily is the smiliest baby I have ever seen! I know I keep saying it, but it's true. She has such a sweet personality. She just laughs and kicks when she sees one of us. Yesterday Addie, Lily and I went shopping. I knew Lily was getting hungry, but she wasn't insistent about it so I pushed it further than I probably should have. I stopped to grab McDonalds on the way home so Addie and I could eat while Lily was eating and no one had to wait long for their meal. When I finally got Addie settled in her high chair and went to pick up Lily, Lily just started laughing at me. A huge rolling belly laugh. It was this funny, "huh, huh, huh" laugh. It was as though she was so excited to finally have my attention she couldn't take it anymore.

Lily is now trying to scootch across the floor... I'm afraid it won't be long before she's crawling. She's not up on her hands and knees yet, but she does get herself across the room.

Adam told me the other day that Lily was laying on the floor playing when Addie went up to her and kissed Lily on the head. Lily (being a normal baby) grabbed Addie's hair. Addie started whining, "no Lily, no no. Lily, no." Now if this was us touching Addie's hair she would have been screaming bloody murder. Addie started trying to hit at Lily, but because Addie was now flopped on the floor, she couldn't really reach Lily. Adam removed Addie's hair from Lily's hand. Addie said, "sorry Lily" and went to kiss her again. Lily once again grabbed Addie's hair and the whole production started all over again!!!

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