Friday, August 04, 2006

One step forward, two steps back.

Warning: Yucky Potty Training Story

Yesterday was a very exciting day at our house, Addie peed on the potty for the first time! (Crazy that I am so excited about this!) I even called/emailed most of the family members to tell them this. We couldn't get her to sit on the potty again though. It's almost like it's too stressful for her - performance anxiety?

Today Adam put her on the potty again when she first woke up and nothing... I think she had already gone since she had woken up and fallen back to sleep once already this morning. Then while Addie was in the bathtub she got the "POOPING" look on her face. I ran for the potty insert which had been drug out of the bathroom and into Addie's room. By the time I got the insert on the potty and Addie out of the tub it was too late. She pooped in the tub. There is nothing grosser than cleaning poop out of a tub. Yuck! So now I don't know if Addie is traumatized by being yanked out of the tub and plopped down on the toilet, but she was not happy with me.

Thoughout this whole ordeal Lily slept. 2 nights ago she even slept for 7 hours straight. Those are the good nights.

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