Friday, August 21, 2009

A Snugg - a- licious Day!

This morning as everyone was waking up and getting ready, Addie asked if she could have a Snuggle-a-Bration. I asked her if she had heard the word before or if it was one she made up. "No Momma, I heard it in my head."

I loved the word and I'm doing my utmost to get it out into the world.

So go, curl up with your loved ones and have your own Snuggle-a-bration. And eat this while you're at it! I'll have to figure out how to make it dairy-free. Give me a day or so and I'll get back to you on it.

1 comment:

Dana said...

For something involving Angel Food Cake, that recipe sounds positively sinful. Will definitely have to try during our next Snuggle-a-Bration!