Monday, August 31, 2009

About Face - The Long Explanation

I tried to give you the down and dirty on Addie's school situation Friday, but it didn't seem to save. Here's the longer version.

Last week we called the Transportation director (TD for short) and asked about busing since we hadn't heard anything yet. TD said that because we lived less than 2 miles from the school that we were ineligible for busing. I asked about the safety of a five year old crossing a busy street that commuters use. Apparently that is not their concern. Never mind the sex offender that lives between us and the school. I then asked about busing Addie to daycare in the afternoon. TD said we are ineligible because we live too close to the school and they do not have a bus that goes past that daycare.

What about paying for transportation? Nope. What's the closest a bus could come to a drop off point for daycare? In between our house and the school - again, too far for Addie to walk alone, not to mention that this makes absolutely no sense what so ever. I did look into carpooling, but we don't know many people whose kids go to that school. There is a latchkey program, but I'm not thrilled about that.

Then I asked TD the big question. What if my child went to the Catholic school? "Oh, then we could bus you."

Since this private school had been on our radar before, we decided to take the leap. Today we met the teacher, toured the school and are all set to go.

Stay tuned for photos in her uniform!

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Syren said...

I can't wait for pictures!!!!

Dana said...

Have faith...

Darla said...

YAYYYYYY for catholic schools! They turn out the most wonderful, Adam, Gabe....well, as you can see the list is pretty illustrious! :) And she looks really cute in her uniform. Ahhhh that takes me back....*sniffle*!