Monday, February 02, 2009

Someday This Will Be Used Against Me

Some day my children will hate me. I understand this. I know that I will at some point be the Worst Mommy in the Whole World. I also know that because I have 2 girls, this will last from the time that Addie is 13 to the time that Lily goes off to college.
That all being said, I took this picture anyway. Knowing that some day it may be used against me when my children accuse me of breaking child labor laws.

Honestly, she's mad because her sister wouldn't give her a long enough turn mopping, not because I forced them to mop!

Maybe, just maybe I'll be able to explain to them that they really were taking joy in the mopping of a 3 ft square entry. They were fighting over whose turn it was. And when they were done mopping the entry, they wanted to mop the rest of the house.

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Dana said...

Just remember... some day they will likely have children, too. Then they'll discover just how much fun a kid can have with a swiffer. (It's one of Sydney's favorite toys, too.)