Monday, February 02, 2009

Can You Tell What Party We Went To?

We went to a costume birthday party this weekend. The girls didn't want to dress up as a certain green fairy, so we got a little creative. Lillian is the youngest boy, Michael. I think the deciding factor on this costume was that she got to carry her Teddy along with her all day. Addie is the oldest child, Wendy. Adam is dressed as the father, and I am the Indian Princess, Tiger Lily.

Can you tell what movie we're from? OK, I know, the green fairy is a dead giveaway. The costume party was a Peter Pan theme. We were greeted by the biggest baddest Captain Hook I've ever seen, and one of the smallest Peter Pans.

The girls had a great time. They played with balloon swords and even did a real treasure hunt for real pirate pinata treasure. Just ask Addie, she'll tell you the clue that she found all by herself (OK, maybe not all by herself).
The funniest part of the day for me was when Dana asked me how we just happened to have fringed leather lying around my house. Without skipping a beat I said, "Oh, it's a gun case." Honestly, I think if Jeff had been taking a drink there would have been Diet Pepsi sprayed across the living room. Apparently Jeff and Dana don't know that not only do I come from a family of creative costume aficionados, but so does Adam. They are also families of pack rats, and the two personalities work well together.
Happy 4th Birthday AJ! I'm so glad you invited us to share your birthday with you!

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Syren said...

Love it! It should be next year's Christmas card!