Monday, January 26, 2009

Hey There Shakey Shakey

The Wiggles have made a come back at our house. Last night after dinner I was asking Lily if she knew some Wiggles songs. I realized that since Adam got his ipod, we really haven't listened to the Wiggles at all. So I dug out the CD and started it up for Lily.
She was a dancing machine! She shook when the songs told her to shake, she swung her hips when they told her to swing, she wiggled, she giggled, she had a great time. After every song, she asked if she could listen to one more. I may have created a monster!
The checklist of things to bring back and forth may have just gotten longer with this new obsession.
Teddy - check
White Circle Blanket - check
Wiggles CD - check
Hat, mittens, neckwarmer - check


Syren said...

Love this picture!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

The Wiggles were HUGE at our house. I miss that stage. The Star Wars and Indiana Jones stage isn't as fun for me.
I found some left over Wiggles Valentines today and the Older Boy refused to use them. Made me sad