Sunday, October 12, 2008

Four Little Goblins

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, four little goblins went walking at the zoo. See The Kazel Imagination for more photos and a far better description. :)

Three of the goblins had treat bags. The littlest goblin was too little. She got to share with her Mommy and Superman.

Along the way the goblins got to see otters, tigers and polar bears - Oh My! The polar bear even put on a show for the goblins. He dove and waved and generally had a great time showing off for the kids.

This little goblin kept up with the big kids, occasionally catching a ride with Mommy. She loved going to each booth and saying in her tiniest voice, "Twick or Tweat," and "Tank You."

The highlight for the Goblin's Mommies was the Caribou Coffee booth. They were giving away free cups of coffee and for the Trick or Treaters, Caribou Coffee breakfast bars. This Mommy questions the intelligence of a company that gives Mocha flavored breakfast bars to preschoolers, but they were confiscated and redirected to the Mommy portion of the pantry. The caribou was a huge hit with my goblins... they each had to wave to the caribou and then give it a big hug.

Have you ever seen such a cute little cow?

Buh-Bye animals! We'll see you next time!

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newsie said...

did the polar bear eat the camera? I hear those are a favorite....