Monday, October 06, 2008

For Hire

I'm just going to say it, because really, I'm not shy. My kids would make great flower girls. If anyone would like to use the girls in their wedding, they would be available. Addie even has prior experience as a flower girl. She was a flower girl at age 2, in someones wedding that we barely knew! Addie is not shy and will follow anyone down the aisle. Lily will follow her sister almost anywhere so she's a pretty good bet as well.

How could you not want that face in your wedding photos?

The girls have even been practicing their dancing skills. They slow dance with Daddy (sometimes Momma, but only if Daddy is busy) and they can fast dance with the best of them. Honestly, you haven't seen dancing until you see Lily shaking her boot-tay. It's hysterical.

Addie and Lily go Ga-Ga over weddings. This weekend Adam and I put in the tape of our wedding; the girls were amazed that Momma was a BRIDE! There is something magical about the white dress and veil and little girls are certainly not immune to it. Every little girl dreams of being in a wedding. I know as you get older and all your friends are getting married that you get a little tired of going to all the weddings of your freshman roommate's sisters. However, think about the kids, think about your family that want to see you on this happy occasion.
Since 2 of our close relatives (each godparents of one of the girls) have eloped fairly recently, the girls haven't had a chance to be in a wedding. With this last one we're not even sure if they'll be having a reception to celebrate later. I know that this person has a niece and a nephew who could have been in the wedding but weren't also; but Lily is your Godchild, shouldn't that mean something?
Let us share in the joy of your wedding. And for God's sake, let my kids be part of it. :)


Dana said...

The tragedy of it all! I don't think my kids have much of a shot at being in a wedding either. But it sure would be nice to let them dance at a reception. Could this be the plot line for Wedding Crashers II?

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Too cute she is! If I weren't already married, they'd get my vote.