Friday, August 15, 2008

My Mommy Friends Are the Best

We met a bunch of friends at a new park on Wednesday night and had a blast! There were 8 kids, 5 mom and 1 dad (yeah Adam!). These are mostly friends that Addie and Lily used to go to daycare with so they all get along wonderfully. The kids slip back into playing together like they just saw each other yesterday. This play structure is geared for kids of all ages, with 3 levels you can go up.
The climbing walls were a huge hit, especially with the boys. This little guy just kept going up the same wall, determined to get to the top all by himself. At the top, he'd turn and look at his mom to make sure she saw his accomplishment. I was pretty impressed!

Addie is being chased by a dinosaur, can you tell? The girls had a blast running around the structure, swinging on the swings and going down the slide. I heard a lot of, "Addie's Mom, there's a dinosaur coming!"

When someone asked me if I was worried that Lily was playing on the first rung of this ladder, I said no way. She can never climb up that thing, she's too little. She's barely 24 lbs and she's still in 18 month clothes, she's too little for that. Well she showed me! She climbed all the way up! Over and over and over! At the top where the ladder starts to flatten out, Lily would be saying, "I not scared. I not scared. I a liddle bit scared." It was so cute to see the look of determination on her face. She *has* to keep up with the big kids. Nothing will stop her from going down the scariest slide or doing anything that the big kids do.

Addie shows off her climbing skills. Addie on the other hand, likes a spotter whenever she does something for the first time. She wants to see her friends do it first and wants to know that there is a Momma at the bottom to catch her.

It's great to watch the kids play and fun to catch up with the moms. Next time - pool party for the moms at our house. We'll fill up the kiddie pool, stick our feet in and drink Margaritas. Just name the time ladies. :)


Syren said...

Happy 4th Birthday Addie!!!
Love Auntie

Syren said...

Addie running reminds me of the Friends episode where Pheobe runs like a kid. It does look like more fun when Addie is running than when I attempt!