Monday, August 11, 2008

Kickin' It Old School

Adam took the girls to a new park this weekend. It's a skate park that also has some playground equipment. There was the standard new climbing structure, but the hit of the day was the old school metal slide. The girls quickly found out how much faster you go on a metal slide!

Lily was a little scared (smart girl!) so she asked Daddy to catch her at the bottom.

Addie on the other hand liked going fast! She went down so fast that she would have to run once she hit the sand, just so her feet could keep up with the momentum from the top half of her body. I guess this slide is an oldie but goodie.

*it wasn't a very hot day - sunny but not super hot - so the girls didn't learn that dresses on a hot metal slide = burns in places I'd rather not think about!!

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