Friday, February 29, 2008

Monna Dude

We went down to my parents house last weekend. Mom helped put on a showing of The Business of Being Born on Saturday so we all went to that. Lily soaked up all the snuggles she could from "Monna." She wasn't too sure about all the people. I had wanted to get a picture of Lily with Paula (the midwife who was at Lily's birth) and Dr. Feigel (the doc who delivered her) however the panel discussion at the end lasted longer than the girls could hold out. We went to a Mexican place for lunch with Grandma, Auntie 'Rene and Auntie's friend.

The girls played hard all weekend. They were troopers when I screwed up their nap schedule and made them deal with the chaos that is Wally World. They hung in there though! On Sunday we left at naptime, can you tell?

This was Addie 2 miles from my parents house. Lily didn't last any longer. They slept the entire way home!

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