Thursday, February 14, 2008

Feats of Manhood - photo heavy

Last night we had a Feats of Manhood Contest. The girls competed with Adam to see who was the Manliest of the Men. The contest consisted of, The Heavy Lifting. Addie shows that you don't have to lift with your knees to lift heavy objects.
Next up was the Drinking event. Whoever drank their shot of soymilk first would win.
I suspect that this was probably a bad bad idea. Let's introduce our 3 1/2 yr old to doing shots. Parents of the Year award, here we come!
Then it was the Arm Wrestling.

That Addie is a tricky one. She was caught using 2 hands a couple of times.

She was shocked when she lost that Feat of Manhood!
Next, we moved to the living room for the Throwing event.

The award went for longest throw. There was no specified way to throw, any way you could get the soft squishy Dora ball into the TV room worked.

Finally it was the Swagger and Pull Up Your Pants event. Lily won this one by a landslide. Honestly, I've never seen anyone pull their pants up to their armpits like her before.

The overall winner was Adam. To be honest, I'd be a little concerned if he didn't win!

Tonight, it's Feats of Womanhood. It could be anyone's win tonight.


abner ravenwood said...

Its true. thats how I trained my daughter Marion and it worked well for her.

dr jones said...

Pastalla! Pastalla....
That looks like great training. It made Marion Ravenwood into the heroine she would later become. Outdrinking large men in Napal comes in handy when battleing the Nazi powers. just remember Addie, watch out for strange monkies and "take back annakadeed to honor the Hebrew God whose Ark this is"

Henry Jones, Jr. said...

I agree....I like a broad who can hold her liquor and keep up with the menfolk! Just remember, if one of the master race tries to get you into a wedding gown or a hides you in a basket, it will be up to the manly man to save you

Thomas said...

Dear Addie and Lily

My mom put a cloth diaper on me tonight. It's a little bulky. I might not be able to pull my pants up and swagger, but if I keep wearing these diapers, I will only be able to mosey....