Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thank Goodness for Big Sisters!

We were in Chicago for a baby shower on Dec 1-3 and had just gotten back and were unloading the car when Addie started screaming from the TV room. I thought she was screaming at Lily because she had taken one of Addie's toys (a normal occurrence). All I could understand was, "NO Lily, no no no!" I went out into the TV room and automatically told Addie it was OK, Lily could play with that toy. Addie shook her head and said,"No momma, mouth!" and pointed to her open mouth. I asked her if Lily had something in her mouth. "YES!"

I took out an acorn sized piece of plaster out of Lily's mouth. Someone must have tracked it in while we were unloading the car. It scares me to think what might have happened if Addie weren't there to keep an eye out for her sister! Addie may have prevented Lily from choking.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I finally have an update!! I can't wait to see you guys next weekend!

Anonymous said...

look at the hair on Addie!