Tuesday, December 19, 2006

See House?

Addie and I decorated a gingerbread house on Sunday. I was amazed at how methodical Addie was about decorating the house. She started with lining up a perfect row of candies along the roofline. No smidge of frosting was going to be uncovered! Next we did the doors and windows, and although this was harder for Addie she did a really good job. Then I made crosshatches of frosting on the roof and started putting candies on the x's. Addie picked up on this and started putting the candies on - some x's have more than one candy, but I think for a 2 year old she did an amazing job. I really tried to let her do her own thing and be creative.

Every day (multiple times a day) we have to go into the dining room and "see house." Lily has picked up on this and follows us into the dining room to see what her cool big sister is doing. Addie of course then wants to "touch house," which really means, "let me eat the candy and frosting." I'll have to post a picture of her making the house - you can see the concentration on her face!

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