Sunday, July 07, 2013

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, back when my babies were really babies, I started a blog.  I wrote about how they were reaching milestones and how hard it was to have one child who was allergic to milk.  It was hard.  It helped to blog and it connected me with lots of other bloggers out there who also had kids with allergies.  Mostly though, it was cute pictures of the kids and how totally crazy in love with them I am.

Then (much like any fairy tale there must be an antagonist) Facebook became the next big thing. Instead of blogging, I started posting on Facebook.  I switched blogging platforms for my knitting blog.   The food allergy thing became better and I began to worry about it less. I was busy... working full time and running after my 2 big kids.

But now, now I need the blog again.  I found out recently that I'm gluten intolerant.  I've had lots of blood tests and skin tests and they all say that it is not an allergy and it is not celiac.  I know the blood tests are not conclusive as to celiac, but I don't want to do a biopsy unless I can't get a handle on my symptoms by following a gluten free diet.

No wheat, no barley, no rye.  Which means my love of baking (and I seriously love baking) is going to get a serious overhaul.  I'm finding new recipes.  I'm finding that I absolutely love the way I feel when I'm not eating wheat.  (my skin has cleared up, my headaches are gone and I don't have that uncomfortably full feeling followed by the OMG I must eat right now or else panicky feeling, not to mention some other really annoying symptoms)  But I'm also finding lots of questions.

  • Do I need to have a dedicated gluten free colander at our house?
  • How do I get the texture of baked goods that I want?
  • Is there a decent replacement for bagels?
  • Fresh pasta.... I had just learned how to make you....
  • How do I do this without blowing my yarn budget on gluten free food?  
  • Will I ever find my children under the growing stack of gluten free cookbooks?  (Hooray for the library!)

I guess you could say that I'm throwing the whole family into this one.  


Dana said...

I was so excited to see you had returned to this blog... until I read the reason. I'm thinking of you. Wish I had answers that could help :-(

Jess P. said...

Thanks, Dana!