Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Orange Fairy

Some of you might be shocked to hear that we have an Orange Fairy at our house. I would argue that it must be an imp or an elf of some sort, because this was a naughty fairy.

Today has been a non-stop series of snacks. My fault perhaps, since I didn't put either girl down for a nap. As I was starting dinner, Addie came and asked for yet another snack. I said no because I just had to throw out part of an orange that neither child would eat.

Her response?

"But Momma, I did eat my entire orange. The Orange Fairy came to our house and dropped a part of an orange and flew away. Recognizing that Momma would be mad and blame me for not eating my orange."

I've got to respect the creativity and the crafting of the story, at the same time that I am annoyed that she is lying to me.


daddy said...

iheard it too, and the BIG words were even better!

Dana said...

Whoa... awesome and scary at the same time.