Monday, December 28, 2009

Dear Santa

Two Christmas' down, one to go.

We've had a very exciting week at the Big Blue House. We had to rapidly change plans at the last minute last week because of an expected blizzard. Although Duluth got the large amounts of snow, we got the sleet and slush. Still, it would have been hazardous travelling weather, so I'm glad we postponed Christmas with my family until Sunday. We had a quiet Christmas Eve at home, broken only by the constant, "Can we open presents now?"

On Christmas morning we were having breakfast when there was a knock at the front door. Adam asked Addie to go answer the door. I heard a, "It's Grandpa!" "NO, it's SANTA!!!!" Yes, Santa came to our front door (we don't have a chimney anymore). Santa gave the girls some toothbrushes, a hair brush and some "lipstick." He also told the girls a sweet story about how there are bells at the North Pole that ring all year long to let the elves know if the girls are naughty or nice. If they are nice, the bells ring "ting-a-ling," but if they're naughty then the bell will ring "ding dong."

The girls were thrilled that Santa actually came to our house while we were awake. Between that and discovering that Addie has a loose front tooth, it was pretty exciting at our house.

Lily with Great Grandpa Wally

On Sunday (after a late start due to some moron lighting their car on fire and Adam being paged out to investigate it) we headed down to my parents for an action packed gift opening. We missed eating with the family, but we had an excellent meal nonetheless. The girls had a blast seeing all the family and playing with their cousins. Now, I'm ready for a long winter's nap.

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