Friday, November 20, 2009

Being in Kindergarten is hard work!

After weeks of swine flu-like symptoms at my house (everyone but me was affected), Adam was down sick for a week with pneumonia and now he's off hunting. This morning I was feeling like I had everything all together for once. The kids and I are packed and ready to go to my parents for the weekend. I got Lily off to daycare at a reasonable time. Addie was dropped off at school on time. I was feeling pretty good.

Then it hit me as I was driving away from the school. I don't know if Addie's had a snack in her backpack all week. We're supposed to pack a midmorning snack for the kids every day. I completely forgot about it. I know they have extras at school so she doesn't really mind if I forget, but I feel like a bad parent. I guess those teachers will be getting an extra special present for Christmas from us!

Lily has been having unusually red and irritated eyes lately. She rubs them so much that they get red and puffy and occasionally bleed at the corners. I've been completely baffled and didn't know what to do about this. I've been thinking maybe it's a nervous habit or something she does to keep herself awake at night. I've been putting my eye cream on her as a last ditch resort. Last night I mentioned it to Oma to see what she thought. One of the other parents just looked at me like it was the most obvious thing in the world and said, "it's seasonal allergies." Of course it is. I gave her some Claritin last night and she slept hard through the night. It didn't make it any easier for her to fall asleep, but at least she slept well.

Does that make me 0 for 2 in the parenting department?


Syren said...

My eye allergies have been really bad lately too! I thought since it was colder they should be gone!

Dana said...

A week of swine flu at your house? I'd say you were very affected. Just not INfected, thank goodness :-)