Thursday, October 01, 2009

A Letter to Our Friends

Dear AJ,

I love, love the playdate we set up. Thank you for being nice to me. I hope we meet again.


Dear AJ & Sydney,

Thanks for the playdate. I loved playing princess.


This is a version of the letter we sent to AJ this morning. Addie insisted upon putting a picture inside an envelope and writing our letter on the outside. She was insistent that the "mail girl" (we have a male mail carrier) pick up the letter and bring it to AJ's house.

I kept Addie home sick today. We're just taking it easy - or at least she and Lily are. There's been coloring, painting, letter writing, and reading. On my part, I've been trying to use up the bountiful tomato harvest we've had. I made some salsa this morning and am working on spaghetti sauce with roasted zucchini and eggplant. Now, if I could just get motivated to do more than sweep the floors, we'd be in business!


AJ's Mom said...

Dear Addie,

"I want them to come play,too?"

That's what AJ said when he got your letter. Tell your Mommy to check my blog tomorrow. I'll show a picture of AJ reading your letter.

Dana said...

That was supposed to be an exclamation point, not question mark, at the end of his quote. Oops!