Wednesday, September 16, 2009

She Comes By It Honestly

This kid loves chocolate like, well, like I like chocolate. She comes by it honestly. And really, can you blame her? The kicker is that because she's dairy free, she has excellent taste in chocolate. She can't eat any milk chocolate, only the very dark, very high quality chocolate. There's no messing around with this kid, give her the good stuff!

I did a little dairy test this last weekend. I tried making pancakes with real milk (one of my accounts gave me a gallon of milk). I miss pancakes made with milk. Lily got a stomach ache and diarrhea from it. She also seemed to get a minor rash "down there." Now that she's out of diapers we don't have the same obvious signals we had before. My question is, how do we know if it's still an allergy or if it's an intolerance? Maybe it doesn't matter. I'm not sure that it would change the way we live right now. If it hurts the kid to eat dairy, then I'm not going to serve it. If I get her tested again for the allergy, am I doing it just for myself?


Dana said...

I suppose you could rationalize that if you have her tested, is doing it for the whole family, because Lily's allergy/intolerance affects what all of you eat. But like you asked, what is the difference between allergy and intolerance? If she clearly still has a reaction, then you're not going to change what you eat. I'd say last weekend's test is the only one you need to conduct for at least a little while longer.

Syren said...

Great Lily picture! I like a happy Lily!

D Beltt said...

I'm really glad that you still question the allergy/intolerance issue. I truely hope that it is something she will grow out of some day. It doesn't sound like it has happened yet though. I hope you enjoyed the pancakes!

:) D