Saturday, April 18, 2009


Adam and Addie went to Menards today to pick up some supplies for our new front steps (Adam fell through ours yesterday). While they were there, Adam found a underwater flashlight. Adam tried to broker a deal with Addie...

If Addie will stick her head underwater (the one step that's holding her back from graduating to the next swim class level) then she can have the flashlight.

"Maybe I don't need the flashlight."

Adam tried convincing her that she was able to put her head under water. When that didn't go so well, he told her that Lily will put her head under water and Lily will move ahead of her in the class.

"Maybe I will buy the flashlight for Lily."

Somehow I don't think this bribe had enough bite to it. We'll see how they do when Lily starts swim lessons next week.

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Dana said...

Good luck with that! AJ thinks he can somehow be a SCUBA diver without putting his head underwater. If Addie conquers her fear, ask her to share some tips with AJ.