Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Crazy Uncle Matty

Crazy Uncle Matty and his girlfriend, Katherine, came to visit us last weekend. We went out for breakfast and then went to the Great Lakes Aquarium. Since Matt and Katherine live in Chicago, we wanted to show them a little bit of Lake Superior.

Lily loved the aquarium! She loved all the fish, especially the really big trout. For some reason she kept going back to that tank. Lily also loved the ducks. They had an area with wood ducks and goldeneye ducks that had been injured in the wild and so couldn't be released. I think we could have spent all day watching one little duck paddle around the pond while his buddies slept. Another BIG hit was the otters. The aquarium has 2 otters that are a blast to watch. Next to the otters is a slide. Lily and Addie both loved the slide, but Lily felt like she was a really big kid on it!

The kids were exhausted by the time we got home. They went right to bed for their afternoon nap. Addie really enjoyed having people "stay over" at our house. She now wants to know who's staying over next. So... who's it going to be? Anyone want to come visit us? The girls will let you snuggle and read books to them!

While I'm typing this and uploading pictures (and getting some CM stuff typed up for my retreat this weekend), my wonderful hubby is cleaning up supper - unloading and loading the dishwasher and cleaning up the dishes. Did I mention he also cooked supper tonight? Pretty cool! Thanks hon.


Syren said...

Did you rearrange your furniture?

the watcher said...

awwww, lucky gal!