Friday, June 23, 2006

Momma Action Figure

I know I say my kids are the cutest kids in the world all the time, but it really is true! Here's an example of what makes Addie so sweet ~

This is what's known in our household as the Momma Action Figure. Addie carries this figurine around the house all day long while I'm at work. She says "momma" whenever anyone askes her what it is. She knows that it is Baby Lily in the momma's tummy. Mostly she carries it in the cradle position like it is one of her babies. She'll stroke it and talk to it, and even feed it pretend food. The sweetest is when she's holding it in the cradle position, strokes it's hair and say's "pretty." How adorable is that?!

In my mind I see this as a way for Addie to be less lonesome for me when I'm at work. She's such a cuddly lovey kid; she's always giving us and her toys kisses. Poor Lily might be smothered by kisses someday!! I don't know that you could ask for better kids than what we have. We are so blessed.

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